Internationale Kommunikation in der Corona-Krise:
Wir beraten Sie zu den technischen Möglichkeiten.

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Check, check

We take care of the multilingual communication at your event. And since we don't like to leave things to chance, we ask all of our questions before the event. We make sure that everything is in order and that we are 100% ready when the time comes. Are you ready? Or do you have any questions? Contact us.

We organise the means of communicating, whether the event calls for simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpreting. Should you require the necessary technical equipment, we can organise that too.

And you? You can be sure that everybody hears and understands each other.

To make your life easier, we have prepared a leaflet with the most important recommendations for hiring professional interpreters. Please contact us.

The appropriate mode of interpreting depends on the setting of your event. More information on the modes of interpreting

Looking for examples?

You are planning a conference, convention, symposium, product presentation or TV interview.

We organize simultaneous interpretation with booths.

You are planning a seminar, workshop or plant visit, i.e., a mobile or dynamic event.

We organize simultaneous interpretation with mobile equipment (tour guide system).

You are planning a delegation visit, speech, meeting, trade fair visit or wedding.

We organize consecutive or liaison interpretation.

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