Internationale Kommunikation in der Corona-Krise:
Wir beraten Sie zu den technischen Möglichkeiten.

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The old one-two

From start to finish, we are your contacts. We are the ones who coordinate with you before the event and we are the ones who interpret at the event. We mean what we say, and we follow through on what was agreed. 

Naturally, your information stays where it belongs. This is our promise and a prerequisite for membership in the German Federal Association of Conference Interpreters VKD.

Just one thing: You may find service providers who agree to a project without questions. We make sure that quality comes first by cooperating with each other and with you.

And you? You can rest assured that you have partners you can rely on. 

"Been there done that"?

We believe in discretion, not name-dropping, and you are not just another one on our list. If you would like references, please contact us and we will happily put together a list for your specific needs.

Until then, what we can say is that we have accumulated more than 500 conference days as interpreters (also chief interpreters).

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